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Welcome to the Jimmy Doane Libertarian Podcast and Radio Show.

Here are entertaining Libertarian shows and podcasts that focus on current issues and events.

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10-20-2016 Jimmy and Counselor Curtis discuss some issues of the day. 3rd debate post mortem, Chicago bans Cowgirl playset, Emoji ban in China, UF offers counseling for students offended by costumes.


Ai Speeches

March 9th, 2016
(6 min - Video .mpg)

.wmv file
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Jimmy Doane questions the government's involvement regarding Gay Privileges.

Ai Speeches

Feb 12th, 2016
(6.5 min - Video)

.wmv file
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Jimmy Doane talks about Ai Speeches.

Oregon Standoff

Jan 24th, 2016
(10 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane and Counselor Curtis discuss oil prices.


Jan 24th, 2016
(10 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane talks about Azerbaijan.

Dutch immigration

Jan 24th, 2016
(10 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane talks about Dutch immigration issues.

Oregon Standoff

Jan 24th, 2016
(10 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane talks about update on the Oregon Standoff.


Jan 24th, 2016
(9 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane talks about Venezuela.

real capitalism

Jan 19th, 2016
(12 min - Video)

YouTube Link - Faster
Zip File
Jimmy Doane explains what real capitalism is and how the government mucks it up.

Oct 9th, 2015
(72 min)

Jimmy Doane and Counselor Curtis discuss gun issues.

May 23rd, 2015
(72 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy's Idaho trip and return, Hillary email scandal, Ray Rice charges dropped, More on Jimmy's trip regarding the economic state of the mid-west, Traffic at Yellowstone, Visit to Hangar Dog Gene's, Update on sentencing of Alachua County Sheriff's Department Sergeant regarding the illegal hand gesture incident, ISIS takes Ramadi, US Casualties of the wars over there in general that are still unfinished, Fiscal cost of Middle East wars, Scott Walker proposes pre-emptive strikes against terrorists, Counselor's micro-warfare-drone prediction, Plane hacker Chris Roberts denies taking control of Boeing 737, Biker gangs with drones, South Park drone episode "The Magic Bush" - Clip, Is the government fudging the reported economy's growth rate? Venezuela update - triple digit inflation, Greek update - out of critical hospital supplies, Couple leaves US government almost $1M in will, Harvard limits Asian students because they are too bright, Dutch government issues partial ban on face covering veils, - Lite Notes - Swedes' drop animated signs "This Way if You're Gay" in water to fend off Russian subs, Bike Balls product, Arizona residents find surveillance cameras hidden in fake cacti.

NEW! - May 2nd, 2015
(75 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy's trip, Baltimore mayhem and legal analysis, What Baltimore needs to become a Singapore success story, New Gainesville Florida Homeless Shelter - Next to the prison - Dignity Village - self police's itself, NASA may have stumbled on Warp Drive, Jeff Bezos is the 3rd private person to break into the space industry, Hugo update, Venezuelan Criollo chocolate issue, Venezuela raises minimum wage and all it's problems are solved - Yea - Right, Fat kids can't join the military now due to national security, How gay marriage hurts people, New global warming myth update, Google's wireless phone service Project Fi, Bernie vs Hillary, Bitcoin tiny update, The age of graffiti drones is born and Wanksy solves pothole problem in Europe with graffiti penises,New UK Princess, Treasure hunting in Tampa FL, Indian guru is still meditating even while frozen, Sperm whale tooth apprised at 150,000, Scientist invents CH4 "Fart Tracker", RIP Susanne Crough, Turn - Washington's Spies TV show.

April 26th, 2015
(80 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and DOOM, Europe's newest state - Liberland, $15 dollar per hour minimum wage advocates scaring McDonald’s into replacing  cashiers with machines, Earth Day stokes talks of cataclysms and Jimmy reads predictions that didn't come to fruition, Puerto Rico now racing Greece for either default or bailout, Drones proven handy to smuggle contraband into prisons, Martha Stewart's drone, New Siemens' electric aircraft motor develops 348 hp and only weighs 110 lbs, Head-transplant doctor says he could do the operation in one hour now, General Petraeus gets virtual wrist slap for treasonable offenses, Miami police believe they will soon be able to stop crimes by predicting when and where they will occur by adopting a computer system called HunchLab, Wisconsin government blocking child from receiving medical marijuana, TV show Weeds and DVD, New study says too many vitamins can give you cancer
- Lite Notes - Halal sex shop selling ‘Islamically-approved’ sex toys, Chinese cracking down on strippers at funerals, Iconic “Journey’s End” signpost at John O’Groats in Scotland is to be removed after 57 years unless a new caretaker can be found, Tiny robots climb walls lugging more than 100 times their weight, Darth Vader is the new voice of the U.S. Navy.

April 19th, 2015
(78 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Mega-Con - Lads In Space, New Obamacare tax hike took effect, Movie review - The Frame, New Star Wars trailer discussion, Is Russia the new threat?, CC's presidential election predictions, SNL parody of Hillary decided to run video,  SNL parody of "Hillary" deciding on running, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton's SNL Mother's Day parody, Greek exit or Grexit - and what that means for the world economy and the stock market, Jimmy talks about his upcoming road trip with Mrs. Jimmy and her sister, California water solution for the rich, New EPA "Pac Man" style water efficiency game "WaterSense" with "hero" Flo - Try it if you want to vomit, Inflation signals today, Creature from Jekyll Island - Must read Jimmy Book - or Video, Government SWAT teams "practice" on Right Wing Extremists in test drills, Gainesville FL MRAP stops and harasses some guy for giving them "the finger", European car companies dabbling with mandatory safety regulation components such as breathalyzers, License plates with embedded RFID tags, Cop drones coming to a neighborhood near you, New Michigan bill would require all home schooled children's houses to mandatory bi-annual visits by the government, Gyrocopter lands on Capitol lawn, University students build 3421 MPG car.

April 5th, 2015
(94 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Iran nuclear bomb meeting results, Indiana's new law issues, Florida's 1868 Lewd and Lascivious law may get repealed, More on Iran nuclear talks, Technological advances in mini and micro drones and warfare applications, Robot apocalypse, Large Hadron Collider scheduled to make small black holes, New zero percent growth announced for US economy, Real reason behind California water drought, Obama gives Egypt more F-16's, missiles and "Tank Kits", Airbnb - "Uber of hotels" - opens up in Cuba, NY Lucille Ball statue doesn't actually reflect her natural beauty - Dang!, Nevada Bunny Ranch brothel now hiring 'quality control' testers, Stockton California "smart" power meters explode after power surge, Ex-University of Mississippi Student indicted on federal civil rights charges for noose on James Meredith statue - first black student - and the implications of new federal involvement in criminal cases, Howard Johnson's closes another restaurant bringing them down to a total of two now in the nation, Florida angling for school uniforms, IG report flagged 621 cases where agents in the FBI, DEA, ATF and U.S Marshalls Service were enjoying sex parties and expensive gifts including weapons from drug cartels, Proposed bill to ban federal employees from watching porn at work, California's drought may illicit prostitution lawmakers say, Global warming myths and speculations, Hillary's emails went to somebody?, Airbus crash, New software to automatically detect Cyber Bullying, Nevada's new DMV Active Shooter program, CC and EE feel the painful sting of Obamacare's new 500 to 600 percent rate hikes, Counselor Curtis on Ted Cruz, Scientists trying to create wooly mammoth, Miss Japan accused of not being Japanese enough, India's six new attack subs, Japan launches new aircraft carrier, Chinese rare earth elements, Utah death sentencing methods.

March 22nd, 2015
(70 min)

Jimmy Doane, Engineer Erik and Counselor Curtis discuss: Ted Cruz announces his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has formed a presidential exploratory committee, Arab news, Amazon gets closer to drone delivery, Amazon declares 1 hour delivery in Miami, Flipping a cop off will get you in trouble, Mars One discovered to be a scam, Jimmy Doane rocket project (scroll down), Target set to raise minimum wage, Movie - Deterrence, Colorado makes rain barrels legal again, California declares it only has one year of water left, Teen invents cheap water purifier, New info on FCC Internet regulation, Bureaucrats from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will weigh and measure 3000 children in daycare as part of a study mandated by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, Fit bands, Ban on additional fast food restaurants more than backfires for bureaucrats hoping to curb obesity in South Los Angeles, Counselor Curtis's EZ Math and Reverse Math Books, EPA developing a water-usage meter for hotel showers, Georgia Atlanta airport (ATL) and it's only bathroom water option - hot, Starbucks ridiculous marketing campaign encouraging patrons to discuss race, Bureaucrats discuss looking at backyard barbecues for possible carbon violations and global warming, Marco Rubio doesn't want relations with Cuba even though his family was from Cuba, New York City's "Shotspotter" audio network that's supposed to identify gun shots but is far better at recording general public conversations, Courts trying to get photos of abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan - Lite Notes -  Drill sergeant laughs at recruit for him not understanding why his weapon wasn't firing video, Bruce Dickenson beats cancer, Not all thieves are stupid and some tricks they use.

March 15th, 2015
(55 min)

Jimmy Doane and Engineer Erik discuss: First penis transplant in South Africa, Hugo update - Obama declares Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security because Nicolás Maduro is against sanctions regarding his country, FCC releases the Net Neutrality 400 long page decree - act - report - whatever, Jimmy Doane Show get's a virus so people can't listen to us... again, Yesterday was π (Pi) day - no more for 100 years - at 9:26:53 it was 3.141592653, Interesting facts about the fiber-optics cables laid across the oceans, Secret service agents crash into White House barrier with chicks on board, Cost of a DUI these days, Secret service video parody, ISIL or ISIS, The case for war with Iran, Still more troops in Afghanistan (I thought we won that war?), ISIS is recruiting young girls and asking them to bring lingerie with them - Really?, FBI agent Bob Levinson's $5 million dollar reward for return, Great movie watches - Three days of the Condor movie, The Numbers Station, 12 year old girls to be tried as adults, One more movie to see - 1961 movie Lover Come Back - which foresees to the new product - Palcohol - the new powdered alcohol, Hillary’s horns on Time mag cover, What are pastors really "Worth". Creflo Dollar pleas for $67 million for a new Gulfstream

March 8th, 2015
(75 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hillary's personal emails, Harrison Ford's Airplane Crash, Harry Hazlitz's Economies in one Lesson, Global interest rate increases and why, New debt ceiling and some good jokes about it, Johnny Carson caused a run on toilet paper, Capitol controls and why it can't work with Venezuela comparison, What actually causes inflation, Read the The Creature from Jekyll Island for information about the massive corruption regarding the non-government bank - the FED and the rich private bankers that started it, Greece's latest effort to collect tax money - Unreal, Jimmy Doane Show on how to save Greece... again, Ferguson incident, NYC wants knife ban, Apple watch comes out tomorrow - Lite Notes - Dawn space probe is approaching Ceres and there's some cool reflections on it, Cannabis Corner in Washington State opens recreational marijuana store, Mexican drug cartel now growing poppies for heroin due to legalization of marijuana in the U.S., White House goes on lockdown because of loud noise, Snow day on Capitol Hill - Kids snow-surfing illegally, ISIS and their war against the infidels - Jews etc. - What are they thinking?

March 1st, 2015
(60 min)

Jimmy Doane, Engineer Erik and Counselor Curtis discuss: Spock dies at 83 - Supreme bummer, Human and monkey head transplants, FCC unfortunately passed the Net Neutrality Act and some possible unforeseen implications, Comcast is in favor of the Net Neutrality Act - Amazing - Can anyone explain this?, Jimmy gets buffered live, Supermarket analogy to FCC Net Neutrality Act, Jimmy explains the antique telephone system from personal experience with caller Mrs. Jimmy, Colorado pot consumption in the first year, Colorado marijuana edibles exceed medical marijuana in significant numbers, IRS finds lost files they thought were lost - but they still have your tax records, Greece manages to kick the can for another go, Netenyahoo will talk on Tuesday to Congress, Why is there a "Black Caucus?", Color of dress phenomenon, Russian guy shot on camera-infested bridge - It was mistake.., Argentina murder and Venezuela arrests, Counselor Bart calls in, RIP Joe Cocker - Leslie Gore & Donna Douglas.

February 22nd, 2015
(63 min)

Jimmy Doane, and Engineer Erik discuss: George Washington's Farewell Address - Must Read, Tweet Jimmy @jimmydoane, Student spills mercury in the bus and the classroom causing wide-spread panic, Greece's can get's kicked one more time, Turkey & U.S. sign agreement to train Syrians to fight ISIS, Fran from FUDC podcast sent us this link to 42 admitted false flag attacks, Hugo Update - Venezuela prez arrests Caracas Governor, Americans not released until the '20's from protesting WW1, Can Russia control the climate?, How to deal with ISIS, Redneck solution to ISIS and all of radical Islam, Has East Germany recovered from the unification?, Geo-Engineering, Apple watch, Apple electric car in the future?, New battery tech for electric cars etc.., Which frozen foods take the least amount of time to heat up?, Butter is back on the "good food" list finally, How do herbivores get protein? - Lite Notes - Man sues over bakery not making "Gay" wedding cake, Oxford University bans ANY publications that mention pork so not to upset Islam people, How to dress for a Muslim gathering, You might be a redneck if.


Also, before you buy another handgun, listen to this first. - Courtesy of Fran and FUDC Podcast.

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