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Jimmy's Archives

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NEW! - March 1st, 2015
(60 min)

Jimmy Doane, Engineer Erik and Counselor Curtis discuss: Spock dies at 83 - Supreme bummer, Human and monkey head transplants, FCC unfortunately passed the Net Neutrality Act and some possible unforeseen implications, Comcast is in favor of the Net Neutrality Act - Amazing - Can anyone explain this?, Jimmy gets buffered live, Supermarket analogy to FCC Net Neutrality Act, Jimmy explains the antique telephone system from personal experience with caller Mrs. Jimmy, Colorado pot consumption in the first year, Colorado marijuana edibles exceed medical marijuana in significant numbers, IRS finds lost files they thought were lost - but they still have your tax records, Greece manages to kick the can for another go, Netenyahoo will talk on Tuesday to Congress, Why is there a "Black Caucus?", Color of dress phenomenon, Russian guy shot on camera-infested bridge - It was mistake.., Argentina murder and Venezuela arrests, Counselor Bart calls in, RIP Joe Cocker - Leslie Gore & Donna Douglas.

February 22nd, 2015
(63 min)

Jimmy Doane, and Engineer Erik discuss: George Washington's Farewell Address - Must Read, Tweet Jimmy @jimmydoane, Student spills mercury in the bus and the classroom causing wide-spread panic, Greece's can get's kicked one more time, Turkey & U.S. sign agreement to train Syrians to fight ISIS, Fran from FUDC podcast sent us this link to 42 admitted false flag attacks, Hugo Update - Venezuela prez arrests Caracas Governor, Americans not released until the '20's from protesting WW1, Can Russia control the climate?, How to deal with ISIS, Redneck solution to ISIS and all of radical Islam, Has East Germany recovered from the unification?, Geo-Engineering, Apple watch, Apple electric car in the future?, New battery tech for electric cars etc.., Which frozen foods take the least amount of time to heat up?, Butter is back on the "good food" list finally, How do herbivores get protein? - Lite Notes - Man sues over bakery not making "Gay" wedding cake, Oxford University bans ANY publications that mention pork so not to upset Islam people. How to dress for a Muslim gathering. You might be a redneck if.. Call our studio line and let us know what you want us to talk about - 844 707-1499

February 14th, 2015
(50 min)

Jimmy Doane, and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to Bernie from London and SimBob from the Blue Man Group in Boston - Happy Birthday Bobble!, Why aren't we auditing the FED?, All Central Banks added 472.2 metric tons of gold to their reserves, No gold in Fort Knox?, Russian separatists advancing in the Ukraine, Sweden joins the QE program, Labor price changes due to immigration, New presidential race stuff, Jeb Bush's $100,000 plate dinner in NYC, - Lite Notes - METI - Sending messages to Monster ET's, New real life Thelma and Louise re-enactment - 'cept they lived, Tripping dino's, Elephants and monkeys get drunk for fun regularly.

February 8th, 2015
(75 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Counselor Curtis's new mansion, Jimmy says listen to the Tom Woods Show, Our uber-pre-mature predictions about the economy and the inevitable inflation that haven't been realized..yet, The most rarest cars imaginable, Where's the new eco Bubble?, $775 for 36 condoms in Venezuela, Communist regimes make money for the elite few, Current Greece situation and possible consequences, Lyin' Brian, Internet regulation talks regarding Net Neutrality, Digital currency in Ecuador, Presidential predictions, ISIS and Jordan, Colorado border wars, Brazilian prison break by strippers, Bitcoin update, Ramifications of the Swiss un-pegging their Frank to the Euro, Current Greece situation, New ivory trade.

January 25th, 2015
(58 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s new upcoming short videos on YouTube, Lefty Greek's won their election, Obama's continuing debacle as to how bad he screws up the economy - especially the middle and lower classes, How Obama's "free" college education is going to (not) work, NAVY's new Rail Gun, Iran, What has happened for the good of the American citizens since the first Iraq war, Does your voting actually matter?, Jimmy's Hillary Clinton being president prediction, Obama is from Kenya - not Kansas - and he jokes about it, Steven Crowder's Jesus vs Muhammad Quran challenge skit, Awesome suicide bomber video Faux Pas - (I (EE) checked Snopes after the show - not on there) so possibly real, Our hero Quran-burning Terry Jones now owns a gourmet french-fry restaurant, The Hebdo free speech issue in France, CC's take on the Quran from what he's read so far - Women have it bad basically, Jimmy questions why anyone would want a virgin (0:46), When was the Bible and Quran written, Why does Islam hate the Jews?


Also, before you buy another handgun, listen to this first. - Courtesy of Fran and FUDC Podcast.

September 29th, 2013
(55 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s “food” in the hospital, Global warming or Climate change – you take your pic, Obamacare bill and the possible government shutdown, Republicans' are missing the bet here on government shut down, Financial taper video – Must see, Syria is done?, Iran is getting the atomic bomb, The US government’s foreign policies keeps escalating the danger to travel as an American, Counselor Curtis’s book review of Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”, O.J. got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Marijuana attorney Rob Corry got arrested for smoking pot in public.

September 22nd, 2013
(56 min)

Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik with guest caller Jimmy Doane discussed: Jimmy calls in from Tampa General Hospital less than 48 hours after his surgery, Who’s going to run for president in 2016? Florida foreclosure law and advice go to, Recent shootings and gun arguments, Eminent domain foreclosures and maintaining your home for an appraisal, Jimmy on Hillary running in 2016, the Republican-Independent problematic split and upcoming bipartisan Kabuki dance, Gainesville Florida wants to make sure there is someone from every possible skin-tone color in a position in every city department.

September 15th, 2013
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discussed: Love bugs have returned to Florida, Gainesville bicycle lanes end to nowhere, Colorado recall elections update concerning gun bans as well as their recent deluge of rainfall, Bullet shell casings are now considered a gun by definition in Washington D.C. – Florida’s even stricter and you won’t believe it, Putin and Syria update, Illegal dinner clubs in NYC, Explanation of what happened to Pastor Terry Jones when he was arrested for hauling 2,998 Korans soaked in kerosene ready to burn, Carrying a cross in North Carolina turns out to be illegal on two counts, Jimmy’s take on the minimum wage increase, Caller Aaron asks is the American Dream still alive? Finally, why no hurricanes this year with all the “climate change” going on?

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