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Issues Regarding Obama's Certificate of Live Birth
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As we've said, we're not "birthers" but there are suspicious and unexplained things about Obama’s birth certificate that we would like to address. More will be posted soon.

Here’s the current theory on why Obama’s birth certificate has layers:

I have a theory about the PDF mystery I mentioned yesterday. Archived records from years ago are/were stored on microfiche, a black and white negative. By making a positive print the document would be readable as a normal printed page. Sec. 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that scanned document be accessible by screen readers or text to speech technology on government web sites. By running OCR (object character recognition) in Acrobat on the document you would get layers (although not needed) and the converted text would be picked up by a screen reader for visually impaired visitors of the site. As mentioned earlier, the most odd thing is that the document is not locked or secured in any way. More importantly, the background has been changed (a security measure perhaps?) and not all of the text on the microfiche version is present on the PDF version.
It appears others have come to the same conclusion as well


On Apr 29, 2011, at 9:54 AM, Counselor Curtis wrote:

So, This one you sent me is dated after Obama's and numbered lower

Three things:

1 - Will just sent me what looks like a long form from HI with a later date, and a lower number, right? And it looks like a scan of a document.

2- Even if this was done automatically by OCR, It's no good.

The whole point of asking to see the scan, is to get a Better copy than the first one. This one sucks, and I'm actually pissed because they are either crooks, or they didn't even care enough to make a decent effort. Either way, there is NO WAY I'm accepting this latest document as authentic with the number of layers in the places that they are in. It actually makes me more suspicious.

I mean, C'mon Man

My thought is this:

I don't care if all the alterations were done by a computer. I don't care if Hawaii's database is rigged 20 different ways - that was the excuse last time. The whole point is what Hawaii has produced so far sucks, and is unacceptable to the average person.

I am simply asking for a normal scan of a simple, one page document sitting in a basement in Hawaii.

Is that too hard?

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